Matej Banozic has been working for Bollinger + Grohmann since November 2017. He has been working on projects with a focus on multi-dimensional models, complex geometry and the interaction between digital design methods and structural design.

From 2015 to 2017 Matej Banozic was a research assistant at the Institute of Building Construction at Graz University of Technology in the field of adaptive facades. Furthermore he held interdisciplinary courses for architects and engineers, including the course advanced geometries and software-based building modeling.

Prior to and parallel to his work at Graz University of Technology, Matej Banozic worked from 2011 to 2017 at various engineering and architectural firms. In particular, he gained experience in designing, creating and coordinating multi-dimensional models.

Matej Banozic completed his master’s degree in architecture at Graz University of Technology in 2013 with a focus on the relationship between architectural theory and cybernetics.